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Episode 19: Finally...

Raquel flies to San Juan, the capital of the island of Puerto Rico, to Continue her search. Then she takes a taxi to the address that was on Ángel's letter: Calle Sol, 4. There are a lot of blocked streets and Raquel has to walk the last few blocks. when she knocks on the door, there is no answer but a neighbor Comes out on her balcony and tells her that Ángel recently died. His wife died several years ago and Ángel never recovered from his loss. The neighbor directs Raquel to the cemetery where they are both buried. At the Cemetery, while Raquel is taking a photo of the graves, a woman arrives and says that they are the tombs of her parents. She is Ángela, daughter of Ángel and his wife, María Luisa. Raquel tells her the story of don Fernando and Rosario. Ángela knows nothing of the history of her father. She invites Raquel to meet her family in order to tell them the story. While waiting for Ángela's aunts and uncles to arrive at her house, Raquel visits some tourist attractions. Ángela also calls her boyfriend Jorge in New York, where he works from time to time. Raquel sees a photo of Roberto, Ángela's brother.

Cultural information:
Cities of Puerto Rico: San Juan and neighboring cities such as Hato Rey, Rio Piedras, Santurce
Other important island cities: Ponce, Caguas, Mayagüez
Old San Juan: Ponce de Le6n's Casa Blanca, Park of the Doves, the Christ's Chapel

Episode 20: A Close Relationship

Ángela tells Raquel that Ángel was his mother-in-law's favorite relative. Ángela shows her some photos of her relatives. Ángela's uncles, Jaime and Carlos, and aunts, Olga and Carmen, finally arrive. They have a lot   of questions and it is evident that they have their doubts about Raquel's story. She tells them the whole story of don Fernando, Rosario, and Ángel, and says that Ángela should go right away with her to Mexico to meet her grandfather. Aunt Olga thinks this will be impossible. Ángela     says she needs to know her grandmother's opinion. The grandmother says on the phone that they should come to her house so she can meet Raquel. Raquel agrees to go to her house in San Germán. Raquel goes back to her hotel because she wants to call Pedro Castillo in Mexico to give him the latest news. Ángela says that she is also going to call Mexico because her brother, Roberto, is a student at the university there and she wants to tell him what has happened. As Raquel is calling Pedro, Ángela sits in bed looking through a book, made for her by her father, which that tells the story of a tree frog that has the same experience as he. The following day, Ángela and her cousin Laura pick up Raquel at the hotel and they start out for San Germán to see Doña Carmen.

Cultural information:
The history of Borinquén (Puerto Rico): the greater Antilles, the Taíno indians, the arrival of Columbus in 1493

Episode 21: The Tollbooth

Raquel, Ángela, and Laura leave San Juan by car. Ángela notes that they need gas. When the attendant checks the water and oil, he  discovers they need oil and Ángela directs him to add some. As they leave the station, an oil stain is seen on the station driveway where their car was parked. While they stop to buy soft drinks, they talk about the names of money in Puerto Rico. Ángela also tells Raquel about Puerto Rico's landscape and tropical climate. They arrive at the tollbooth and, as they pass through, the car stalls. Ángela looks at the motor but can't do anything, so they end up calling a shop in Ponce. While they wait they have a picnic in a nearby field. The mechanic arrives and decides to tow the car to the shop in Ponce. The three women ride with him in the tow truck. At the garage he tells them that he can't finish repairing it until
tomorrow morning. For that reason the women have to spend the night at a hotel in Ponce.

Cultural information:
The history of the island of Puerto Rico
Puerto Rican money
The geography and climate of the island
The linguistic variety of Spanish
Ponce: "the Pearl of the South," "the Patrician City"

Episode 22: Memories

Raquel, Ángela, and Laura pick up Ángela's car. She pays the $80 bill in cash and they drive through Ponce. They see the firehouse, painted red and black, and Ángela points out the Barcelonian style of a house. Raquel recounts Ángel's story again and Ángela wonders why he didn't tell his family about his past.  They arrive in the old city of San Germán and go to Ángela's grandmother's house. She is at church so they go there to find her. She returns home with them for lunch and they continue to chat while they have dessert and coffee. Doña Carmen tells Raquel that she and her husband were owners of a large farm with more than 200 employees, but she has sold off various parcels in the years following the death of her husband. Doña Carmen agrees that Ángela must meet her grandfather. Ángela has some sad memories of the death of her father and mother. Doña Carmen reminds Ángela that she never cleaned out her father's old room. Raquel and Ángela go to the room and find some sketches made by Ángel titled "Memories." Her grandmother gives her a box that belonged to Rosario. It contains a wedding goblet with which she toasted her marriage to Fernando.

Cultural information:
Ponce: the firehouse, carnival, Barcelonian style houses
San Germán: very old city, agricultural center, the Interamerican  University, the Porta Coeli church

Episode 23: A View of the Sea

Raquel, Ángela, and Laura return to San Juan following the visit with Ángela's grandmother. They talk about Arturo, and Raquel admits that he is handsome and that she likes him very much. They drop off Raquel at the hotel and Ángela says she will come by to pick her up at 9
A.M. Raquel calls and gives Arturo the news about his half brother. Arturo decides to meet them in Mexico. The following day, Raquel and Ángela go to the bank where Ángela works in order to ask for her to have time off to go to Mexico. Her boss says she can go, but she gives her only two weeks off. Ángela asks Raquel if she wants to go to the university in Rio Piedras to meet Jorge Alonso, her boyfriend and a professor of theater. He has recently returned from New York, where he had a role in a movie. He spends a lot of time in New York, the home of many Puerto Ricans. Uncle Jaime calls to tell Ángela that there is a buyer for her apartment. Ángela needs a new place so she and Raquel visit an apartment and a townhouse. Both include parking but Ángela decides on the apartment because of the ocean view.
Afterward they go to the university where they find Jorge in a classroom. After class Ángela takes Jorge outside to tell him the family history that she has learned. Raquel waits in the theater and wonders what Jorge's reaction will be when he sees the wedding goblet with its great sentimental value. Jorge tells Ángela that they can use the goblet to toast at their own wedding.

Cultural information:
Puerto Ricans in New York: bilingual and bicultural

Episode 24: The Don Juan

While they listen to the university choir, Jorge notes how incredible Ángel's story is. Raquel admires the music and Jorge offers to take her to a store where they sell cassettes. When Ángela goes to the bathroom, Jorge flirts with Raquel. Jorge decides not to go with them to the museum, but he goes accompany them to the Paseo de Diego where Raquel buys the cassette.  They decide to go back to the hotel to swim. Raquel decides to invite Jorge, but Ángela does ask him. while Ángela and Jorge swim, Raquel makes some calls. She speaks with her mother
and mentions that Jorge is a womanizer and that Ángela doesn't know. Her mother advises her not to get involved in other people's affairs. Then she calls Arturo to tell him her travel plans. He again tells her of his love for her. Ángela and Jorge discuss a theater he wants to buy in San Juan. When she is alone with Raquel, Ángela tells her that she plans to give Jorge part of the money from the sale of her apartment. Raquel expresses some reservations and Ángela gets angry. She wonders why
everyone, including her grandmother, is opposed to Jorge. Raquel notes that her grandmother has experience and that Ángela should listen to her. Ángela becomes angrier and leaves with Jorge. The following day, as the women prepare to leave for the airport, Uncle Jaime arrives to tell
Ángela that Roberto has had an accident in the archeological excavation in Mexico. That's why they haven't been able to contact him by phone.

Cultural information:
The University of Puerto Rico: the chorus; Francisco Oller, painter; Rio Piedras, home of the university

Episode 25: Reflections (1)

Raquel ponders the results of her investigation. She recalls her conversation with Sra. Suárez in Madrid in which she found out that Rosario had moved to Argentina with her son, Ángel Castillo.
She had continued her investigation in Argentina and discovered that Rosario had died but that she had another son named Arturo, a psychiatrist.
Arturo and Raquel had searched for Ángel in the La Boca district. At first they had had no luck, but finally they found a sailor named Héctor who knew that Ángel had gone to Puerto Rico; he gave them a letter from Ángel with a return address in San Juan. Arturo had decided to
accompany Raquel in her search.

Episode 26: Reflections (2)

Raquel continues to review her investigation. She remembers that when she arrived in San Juan she had received the bad news that Ángel had died. Then she met Ángela and another stage of her investigation had begun. It had been necessary to take Ángela to Mexico to meet don Fernando, which required Some encounters with her family-first with her aunts and uncles and then with her grandmother in San Germán. Her grandmother had given Ángela a wedding goblet that had belonged to Rosario. Raquel also met Jorge, Ángela's boyfriend and a professor of theater at the University of Puerto Rico. She didn't like him much because he seemed to be a womanizer, but it was evident that Ángela liked him a lot. At this point Raquel decides that she shouldn't involve herself in other people's business.

Episode 27: The Rescue

Raquel and Ángela fly from San Juan, Puerto Rico, to Mexico City and rent a car in order to travel to an archeological dig to find Roberto, Ángela's brother. The women have received the news that there had been a cave-in at the site.
En route to the excavation site Raquel thinks about her investigation for don Fernando. She traveled to Sevilla and Madrid to look for Sra. Teresa Suárez who wrote to don Fernando, telling him that
he had a son from his first marriage to Rosario, a Spanish woman whom he thought had died in the Spanish Civil War. Sra. Suárez explained that Rosario and her son Ángel had moved to a ranch near Buenos Aires. There Raquel found Rosario's other Son, Arturo, who informed her of the death of his mother and of Ángel's departure from Buenos Aires. They began a search and ended up falling in love. A sailor
in Buenos Aires gave them Ángel's address in San Juan and Raquel continued her search. She learned there that Ángel had died and that he had two children, Ángela and Roberto. Ángela is going to Mexico to meet her grandfather and her unde Arturo. On the way to the site Ángela admits that she has always been a bit envious of her brother. At the hospital she learns that Roberto is still trapped.
Arturo arrives at a hotel in Mexico, knowing nothing of the cave-in nor f Raquel's whereabouts. He leaves a message at Pedro's house.

Cultural information:
Geography of the Caribbean and Mexico

Episode 28: Trapped

In a Mexico City clinic don Fernando's doctor advises Mercedes and Ramón that their father is seriously ill and must see a specialist. He recommends a doctor in Guadalajara. Mercedes and her Uncle Pedro lament the fact that all their problems seem to appear at once: don
Fernando's illness, Juan and Pati's marital strife, and financial difficulties in the Miami office of Castillo Saavedra, S.A. Carlos manages the office but has mentioned nothing about any problems. Pedro received Arturo's message but it was too late to return his call. Meanwhile, Raquel, Ángela, and a local priest, Father Rodrigo, rush to the site of the excavation to find out what is happening. The priest discovers that Roberto is, indeed, one of the people still trapped, but they know that he is alive. The rescue efforts continue as Raquel worries about her
inability to communicate with Pedro or Arturo. Arturo continues to wait in his Mexico City hotel, unable to make contact with Raquel or Pedro. On the TV news in his room there is a story about the accident, but by this time he has fallen asleep.

Cultural information:
The geographical variety of Mexico: the Pacific and Gulf coasts; the mountain ranges--the eastern, western and southern sections of the Sierra Madre; the active volcanoes; the desert in the north and
the jungle of the Yucatán Peninsula Mexico City and some other large cities

Episode 29: It Collapsed!

Efforts to rescue the trapped people continue. Workers are successful in pulling out two of the people, Andrés Villa and Alicia Trujillo. The doctor examines them and sends them to the hospital. In the midst of renewed hope another cave-in occurs and Roberto remains trapped. Ángela almost faints upon hearing this news, so the doctor gives her a sedative and orders her to rest. Shortly afterward, Raquel informs her that they think Roberto is all right. Ángela regrets having acted coldly
toward Roberto the last time they talked. Father Rodrigo tells Ángela that they have begun to dig again. Ángela finally falls asleep. At Ramón's house in the capital, Carlitos catches a cold and has to stay in bed and take medicine. He feels a bit better the following day but doesn't want the doctor to come and give him a shot Gloria also seems mysteriously uncomfortable when the others mention her absence the day before.
Don Fernando is still in the clinic. Arturo continues to wait for contact with either Raquel or Pedro.

Cultural information:
The traditional and modern in Mexico: the Ballet Folclórico; large cities with their skyscrapers and pollution; small towns Religion in Mexico: the Virgin of Guadalupe, patron saint of the country whose saint's day is the 12th of December  

Episode 30: Worries

Still at the excavation site, Ángela awakens after her rest and asks if they are sure that Roberto has plenty of air. Father Rodrigo convinces her that Roberto is still all right and that all they can do is wait until they get him out of the pre-Hispanic tomb that the students were exploring. They all decide to go to the nearby town to try to make contact with the Castillos and with Arturo. A nun, Sister María Teresa, gives them a place to rest and change clothes while they await further developments
at the site. Arturo, who has not yet heard from Raquel, goes shopping in Mexico and isn't in his room when Raquel finally manages to get through to the hotel on the phone. She can only leave him a message
explaining what has happened to Roberto. Ángela does manage to speak to her Uncle Jaime in San Juan and gives him the latest news about Roberto. At Ramón's house various calls are also made. Pati has to speak with her assistant in New York because there are problems with the play they are preparing. Carlos speaks with his secretary in
Miami and receives news that bothers him, but which he won't share with his wife, Gloria.

Cultural information:
Mexico, D.F.: downtown, the neighborhoods, the outskirts
The towns: the town square, city hall, the church
The situation in Cuba and that of the Cubans in Miami: Castro, political refugees, Calle Ocho

Episode 31: Drastic Measures

Raquel and Ángela return to the excavation site after bathing and resting awhile. In Mexico City the problems between Juan and Pati come to a head. They argue about Pati's decision to return to New York to resolve the problems with the opening of the play. Juan won't accept that Pati is a professional; he feels she values her work more than him. Carlos gets nervous when he hears that Ramón and Pedro plan to talk about the family business finances. At La Gavia they meet with some auditors who give them bad news about the situation of Castillo Saavedra, S.A. There is a lack of capital and they recommend drastic measures: They must sell La Gavia and dose the Miami office. During this time Lupe goes shopping in town. In the hospital don Fernando waits to see a specialist so he can return home. He wants to meet his
grandchildren. At the excavation site, Raquel and Ángela wait with growing desperation. They haven't been able to contact Arturo or Pedro but the latter calls Arturo, who informs him of Roberto's accident.
In Los Angeles, Raquel's mother, María, receives an unexpected call from Luis, Raquel's ex-boyfriend.

Cultural information:
Bicultural Mexican Americans in the United States

Episode 32: There Has Been an Accident

Raquel and Ángela still wait at the excavation site. The rescue workers discover that Roberto is definitely alive and a specialist in mining rescues arrives to help. The two women discuss Roberto's studies of pre-Hispanic civilizations.  Luis arrives at Raquel's parents' house and speaks with them. María invites him to accompany them to Mexico to see Raquel, adding that Raquel will be very glad to see him again.
Don Fernando's condition remains unchanged and they have contacted the specialist in Guadalajara. Ramón laments all the problems the family has but tells Consuelo that he is lucky to have her and Maricarmen.
Pedro drops by the hospital to tell everyone what is happening with Roberto. Afterward Pedro meets with Arturo at the hotel. Arturo tells him what he knows of the story of Rosario and the search for Ángel in Buenos Aires and of Raquel's meeting Ángela in San Juan. A man has been lowered into the excavation and they are about to rescue Roberto.

Cultural information:
Aztec civilization and its empire in central Mexico: Tenochtitlán, Aztlán, the eagle perched on a cactus devouring a serpent-symbol of present-day Mexico
The history of the Spaniard Hernán Cortés, conqueror of Mexico

Episode 33: If You Only Knew

Pati and Juan continue to argue about her plan to return to New York. Juan sees it as something she is doing to hurt him. As they end their conversation, Arturo and Pedro agree to try to get more information about Roberto's accident. In Miami, Carlos's secretary Ofelia discovers something surprising in a financial report that arrives at the office. While awaiting the rescue, Raquel and Angela discuss their current professions and those they planned to follow when they were younger. They also recall those professions which their parents wanted for them. Suddenly some men arrive with an unconscious Roberto, who has finally been extricated from the excavation. The doctor examines him and finds him to be otherwise all right. Nevertheless, he sends him to the hospital in Mexico for observation. Raquel and Angela are very happy that their anguished waiting is over.

Cultural information:
Mayan civilization: the Yucatan Peninsula, Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, and Guatemala; the ruins of their great centers in Chichén Itzá, Uxmal, Copan; their classical period from 300 to 900 A.D.; their advances in astronomy and mathematics

Episode 34: Success

Roberto is taken to the hospital by helicopter and Raquel and Angela depart by car for Mexico. In Mexico City Pati chats with Mercedes about the marital problems she is having with Juan. Mercedes thinks that Pati is acting appropriately by going to New York if she needs to and believes that Juan will eventually recognize that. Mercedes also recalls how romantic Pati's wedding was. At the same time, Juan talks with Ramón about the same topic. He says that although he loves her a lot, he feels that their marriage has failed. Ramón says that in his place he would feel envious of Pati's professional success. Juan ponders that possibility. En route to Mexico, Angela and Raquel compare the history of their relationships with Luis and Jorge, respectively. Jorge was a friend of a friend of Roberto's when Angela met him and they became close very quickly. Raquel relates that Luis was a friend while she was a student at the university, but that when he went away to work in New York their relationship ended. Just as with Luis, she thinks that, because of the long distance, a relationship with Arturo will also prove impossible to maintain. In his hotel in Mexico, Arturo comes across an article about the cave-in and decides to try to find out more details.
Still unconscious, Roberto arrives at the hospital. The women, en route to the capital, are about to collide with a truck.

Episode 35: Reunited

Raquel manages to avoid the truck that almost collided with their car.
Pedro finds out about Roberto's rescue and stops by Ramón's house on the way to the hospital to spread the news. Pati leaves for New York in spite of Juan's protests. Carlos calls his secretary in Miami again and learns that the bank manager wants to see him. The auditors have recommended that they close the Miami office because of the losses it has incurred. Arturo also heads for the hospital where Roberto is; the doctor tells him that Roberto needs to rest but that he has no serious wounds. Pedro arrives and Arturo gives him the news he has just received. Then Raquel and Angela arrive. Angela enters Roberto's room and Raquel greets Arturo, who kisses her Passionately. Arturo repeats once again the information he has heard from the doctor. Angela comes out and finally meets her uncle. Since Roberto will sleep all night, everyone leaves. Pedro goes home. The others return to their hotel where Angela phones her Unde Jaime, and Raquel calls her parents. The latter inform her that they are coming to Mexico to see her and to visit their relatives in Guadalajara. Angela returns to the hospital to be with her brother, and Arturo and Raquel go to Pedro's house where Arturo meets the family (except Pati, who has left for New York). Afterward Arturo and Raquel spend Some time in the garden where they recall the night in Buenos Aires when they both wished on a star. They now renew the relationship.