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Episode 36: What Could They Be Doing?

While Raquel and Arturo are in the garden, the Castillos discuss their opinions of Arturo and about the apparent relationship between him and their daughter.
In the garden Raquel tells Arturo what has happened since her arrival in Mexico and at the excavation site. She recounts how both she and Angela waited anxiously for her brother's rescue. There had been another cave-in during the rescue operation. Finally Roberto had been taken out and brought to the capital.
Arturo in turn tells her how worried he was when he did not hear from her. He had tried, unsuccessfully at first, to communicate with Pedro Castillo. Afterward they had continued to try to get information about the accident. Finally everyone met in the hospital.
Inside, while Gloria gives her opinion of Miami, each of the family members meditates on his or her own problems.
Juan thinks about his arguments with Pati and about the possibility that this might be the end of his marriage. Ramón suggests to him that the problem may be his envy of Pati's success.
Pedro worries about the financial problems and the questions that remain about Carlos's actions. He remembers that the auditors have recommended the sale of La Gavia.
Mercedes thinks about don Fernando's health and the need to find a specialist She also recalls her conversation with Pati about her difficulties with Juan.

Episode 37: Keeping the Books

Arturo and Raquel return to the living room where the rest of the Castillo family is. Arturo tells the family about Rosario. At the hospital, Angela waits for Roberto to wake up. She goes over her account balances and wonders where her money went. Mercedes tells Arturo that he should return to Mexico for the national holidays and she tells him something of Mexican history.
In Los Angeles, Pancho, Raquel's father, has doubts about his wife's decision to invite Luis to Mexico without telling Raquel. Luis phones with the news that he has his ticket. María insists that Raquel will love the idea and then returns to the task of paying her household bills. Raquel delivers her bill to Pedro with the receipts from her investigation and he asks for the documents she has. She promises to bring it all the following day and she and Arturo return to their hotel. When they arrive back at the hotel, they decide to have a drink and Arturo first goes to his room to bring Raquel a surprise. It's the photo that he made of the two of them in his house in Buenos Aires, mounted in a pretty frame. Raquel receives another surprise in the form of a message from Pedro. Raquel and Arturo wonder what could have happened since they left his house.

Cultural information:
National holidays in Mexico: the 16th of September, 1810 (the Cry of Dolores of Padre Hidalgo); the 5th of May, 1862 (the victory of the Mexican army over the French in Puebla); the Revolution of 1910, Pancho Villa, and Emiliano Zapata

Episode 38: Hiding the Truth

Raquel, having received a message from Pedro, returns his call. It turns out that she has once again left her wallet
somewhere-this time at his house. Pedro doesn't understand her laughter but they agree he will return it to her tomorrow. She then tells Arturo the story of the lost wallet in Madrid. Arturo asks her if she has given any thought to their relationship and she replies that she has thought a lot about him but not about herself. At that moment the waiter tells Raquel that she has a phone call. It's her mother, calling to tell Raquel that they have their tickets for Mexico. It's obvious that María doesn't like the idea that Arturo is always with Raquel.
At Pedro's house everyone is commenting on Juan's problems after he leaves in a depressed mood. As they prepare to leave, Ramón, Pedro, and Mercedes speak of the Miami office and of the fact that money has disappeared from Carlos's accounts. Carlos has started walking back to the living room and overhears them as they examine the accounts delivered by the auditors and discuss what they might do. Afterward, Carlos and Gloria fight because Carlos realizes that he has to be honest with his family and explain what has happened. Later, Carlos discovers that Gloria has left the house.
Meanwhile, at the hospital, Angela continues to think about her financial situation and decides she must establish a budget. At that point Roberto wakes up and, after their greetings, Angela begins to tell him the story of their father's life.

Episode 39: The Same Smile

Carlos asks Ramón if he can borrow his car in order look for Gloria. He tells Ramón that he will explain the Miami finances later. He leaves, but no one knows where he is going.
At the hospital Angela finishes telling Roberto everything she knows about the family and Raquel's investigation. She tells him what she suspects about Raquel's and Arturo's relationship.
Ramón and Pedro continue discussing finances. A real estate agent calls to tell them that a U.S. client wants to buy La Gavia. Mercedes is quite worried, but they assure her that it is not for sale yet although they are going to speak with the agent to find out what price it might command. The brothers leave with their uncle for La Gavia, where Lupe is waiting for them with their favorite dishes. Raquel talks to Uncle Jaime in San Juan at Angela's request. He sends word that there is a buyer for the apartment. She then leaves a message regarding Roberto's condition for the Castillo family. Next, she asks the receptionist to get some tickets for the Ballet Folclórico.
At the hospital Arturo meets Roberto and expresses his gratitude to Raquel for her help in finding his relatives. When he sees Roberto, he notes that he has the same smile as Ángel. He has brought some things of Angel's from Buenos Aires, and he tells the story from his perspective. The doctor comes to examine Roberto.
Meanwhile, alone and looking tired, Carlos returns to Ramón's and repeats his promise to explain things to the family.

Cultural information:
The Mexican Ballet Folclórico and the Palace of Fine Arts

Episode 40: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The doctor examines Roberto and declares he is ready to go home. He has to go shopping first because his clothes were left in the town near the excavation.
In New York, Pati is at the theater where they are rehearsing her work. She has an intense argument with the producer because the backers want some changes in the more controversial scenes. She refuses to change anything. Pati and her assistant talk a bit about her problems with Juan, but they leave the matter of changes in the play unresolved.
Angela, Raquel, Roberto, and Arturo leave the hospital and go to the hotel. Raquel and Angela change money and also buy some postcards in a nearby store. Then they buy stamps at the post office. They chat, to pass the time, about the relationship between Raquel and her mother. María at times doesn't realize how her actions affect other people. Afterward they all go to buy clothes for Roberto. They plan to go to the hospital to see don Fernando.
Meanwhile, in don Fernando's hospital room, the doctor advises Mercedes that it will be necessary to take her father to Guadalajara by plane immediately so that a specialist can examine him there. Mercedes calls La Gavia to ask Lupe to pack a bag; she interrupts the meeting between Pedro and Ramón and the agent who is inspecting the property. They all gather at the hospital to watch the ambulance take don Fernando to the airport. Carlos says he is now ready to explain everything.  

Episode 41: Something Unexpected

Don Fernando leaves for Guadalajara, where a specialist is going to examine him. Ángela, Roberto,
Raquel, and Arturo plan to visit him in the Mexico City hospital. The grandchildren discover that
they will have to wait to meet their grandfather, since don Fernando is now at the University of
Guadalajara hospital.
Ángela and Roberto have a difference of Opinions concerning the sale of their apartment, so they
decide not to continue the discussion. It is evident that Roberto does not agree with the sale and
that he knows that Ángela wants to give Jorge some money. The young people go to their rooms.
Arturo invites Raquel to dinner. She goes to her room first but is happy to be able to spend some
time alone with Arturo.
At Pedro's house, Carlos reveals that Gloria has for several years been addicted to gambling. He
has used company money to cover her losses, thinking he could replace the money before anyone
knew. The others ask why he hasn't come to the family for help and he responds that it is because
he was ashamed. Juan suddenly decides to go to New York because he has his own problems.
Carlos doesn't know where Gloria is but he thinks she'll return in a few days.
Luis Villarreal arrives at the hotel where Raquel is staying.

Cultural information:
Guadalajara, city of the tapatíos, as the residents are called: the favorable climate, the cathedral,
the historical buildings, the squares, mariachis and their music, Libertad market, the university, the
murals of José Clemente Orozco

Episode 42: My Treat

As Raquel returns to the lobby to meet Arturo, she also runs into her old boyfriend, Luis. Totally
surprised, she introduces them to each other. They end up inviting Luis to have dinner with them. At
the restaurant they chat about the past and suddenly Arturo remembers an evening in Buenos Aires
and realizes who Luis is. They continue chatting but now with a certain wariness. Raquel tells Luis
about the search for Ángel. He tells them about his job success and expresses his doubts about
psychotherapy. The two men compete for the bill until Raquel grabs it and pays.
In New York Juan arrives at his apartment and sits down to wait for Pati. She finishes a rehearsal
and goes out to have a drink and talk with her assistant, Guillermo.
Ángela and Roberto talk in their room about how much they like Raquel and Arturo.
Raquel, Arturo, and Luis return to the hotel. Luis mentions that Raquel's parents are arriving
tomorrow. She now realizes how Luis knew where to find her. Although she is angry with her
mother, she still wonders what her life would have been like if she had stayed with Luis and lived in
New York. As she thinks about the day, her phone rings.

Cultural information:
Ordering in a restaurant

Episode 43: There Will Be Four of Us

Luis calls Raquel and asks to speak with her alone. She doesn't want to but gives in and promises
that they will talk tomorrow.
In New York, Pati returns home and is startled to find Juan there. As they converse Juan admits
that he is not happy with his career and that he is envious of Pati's. She suggests that he is not
seeing things dearly because of his father's illness.
In Guadalajara don Fernando insists that he is going home tomorrow.
Arturo visits a travel agency and arranges a trip to the beach in Cozumel. He reserves four round-
trip plane tickets and three rooms with bath and a view of the sea. Before paying he wants to talk
to Raquel to be sure she wants to go.
In her room Raquel remembers the first time she and Arturo kissed. Then she recalls how she and
Luis had separated because he had to go to New York to work
Luis visits the same travel agent and arranges a trip to Zihuatanejo to a hotel with cabañas on the
beach. But he makes the reservations only for two and does not first consult with Raquel before
Raquel goes to the same agency and makes reservations for four people for a flight to Guadalajara
and for three rooms in a hotel there. She says she will confirm the reservation the next day.
Back at the hotel, Arturo, Ángela, and Roberto decides to see the city as soon as Ángela has called
Puerto Rico again. She talks to her Uncle Jaime and it is evident that they haven't yet decided about
the sale of the apartment. She tells Jaime to wait until later. She then calls Jorge but an unknown
woman answers.

Episode 44: A Promise and a Smile

When Ángela calls Jorge, a woman answers whose voice Ángela doesn't recognize. Jorge explains
that some friends from New York are staying there. Roberto is suspicious.
Juan is alone in his apartment because Pati went to work.
At Ramón's, Carlos and Juanita talk of sports while they await Gloria's return. The real estate agent
again phones Ramón to express her client's interest in buying La Gavia. Ramón says he will talk
with the family in spite of a wave of nostalgia that comes over him.
Raquel returns from the agency and suggests that Roberto, Ángela, and Arturo go sightseeing
without her because she has to work. They leave and visit various places of interest.
Juan, still alone in his apartment, thinks he and Pati should take a vacation together.
Luis calls Raquel and they agree to have lunch together. While they are eating, Luis surprises her
with the tickets to Zihuatanejo. She becomes angry and decides that they need to clarify the status
of their relationship.
In Los Ángeles Raquel's parents prepare for their Mexico trip.
The doctor has examined don Fernando. He is very worried and begins to explain to Mercedes the
results of his examination.

Cultural information:
The National Museum of Anthropology
The Olympic Stadium and the Olympic Games of 1968 The Palace of Fine Arts
Some murals of Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros, and José Clemente Orozco

Episode 45: I'm Fed Up!

Juan goes to the theater to tell Pati (who has had an argument with the producer) that he
understands her situation and will return alone to La Gavia. Perhaps their marital problems can be
The specialist in Guadalajara says there is no cure for don Fernando, and it is better for him to
spend his last days at home. He understands the situation and tells the nurse (coincidentally named
Rosario) that she shouldn't allow the important things in life to be lost.
Back at the hotel, Arturo asks Raquel if she would be interested in a trip to Cozumel. She is
pleased that he has consulted with her before finalizing his plans and that he has remembered to
include her parents. She suggests that they ask her parents.
Pedro arrives and tells them about Fernando's condition. They agree that everyone should gather at
La Gavia the next day.
Gloria finally returns to Ramón's house.
Arturo, Ángela, and Roberto accompany Raquel as she meets her parents. Arturo says that his
plans for his future with Raquel are a secret. They all decide to have dinner together, but María acts
coldly toward Arturo. Raquel storms into her parents' room and has a fierce argument with her
mother for having invited Luis to come to Mexico. She is fed up with being treated like a child and
says that her mother must stop insulting Arturo. They are still very angry with each other when
Raquel leaves. Pancho supports Raquel.
Raquel returns to her room; Luis arrives. She explains her position to him. Luis understands and
leaves when Arturo comes. Arturo doesn't want to join them for dinner because of María's
coldness, but Raquel convinces him. Ángela and Roberto decide not to join them either. Finally
Pancho calls and announces that neither he nor María will be coming. In the end Raquel, Arturo,
and Luis go out to dinner, just as they had done the night before.

Episode 46: The Turnovers

Ángela and Roberto finally discuss what to do with the apartment. Roberto repeats his doubts
about the sale and about Ángela's idea of giving part of the proceeds to Jorge. Ángela says that she
has the right to help Jorge if she warts to, but finally she agrees to wait before making a decision.
Arturo has breakfast with Pancho, who assures him that María will warm up to him if he is patient.
He's sure that at that very moment his wife is talking with Raquel.
María has arrived at Raquel's room with some pumpkin turnovers-one of Raquel's favorite foods
when she was young. María admits she was wrong to invite Luis without telling Raquel. She
explains her fear that Raquel might leave the States and live in Argentina. Raquel reassures her that
she won't, but informs her that she won't be getting back together with Luis either. When they enter
the lobby, Raquel finds a message from Luis saying good-bye and informing her that he has gone
back to Los Ángeles.
Pancho, María, Raquel, and Arturo go for a walk in Chapultepec Park. María's attitude toward
Arturo has changed, and she has now invited him to join the three of them on a trip to Guadalajara.
Don Fernando arrives at La Gavia by ambulance and is laid in his own bed. He is told that his
newly discovered grandchildren will visit this afternoon. Ramón, Mercedes, and Carlos voice their
feelings about not wanting to sell La Gavia. Mercedes says she has an idea that she will reveal later.
Then Ángela, Roberto, Arturo, and Raquel arrive at La Gavia, ready to meet don Fernando

Cultural information:
Chapultepec Park: the National History Museum; the Museum of Modern Art; the Monument to
the Child Heroes

Episode 47: I Have Doubts

Don Fernando meets his grandchildren and Arturo. The latter has brought some photos of Ángel
and Rosario and tells him that Rosado felt a special affection for Ángel. With all the excitement don
Fernando has to rest, so they leave him alone.
Everyone will stay overnight at La Gavia. Arturo asks Raquel to go outside with him because he
has something important to tell her.
The Castillo family meets to discuss their economic situation. They will close the Miami office; as a
result, Carlos and his family will have to live in Mexico. Mercedes proposes turning La Gavia into
an orphanage. During their meeting the real estate agent calls again but they realize they can't decide
without talking to don Fernando. The telephone rings again and it's Jorge calling Ángela.
Outside in the garden, Raquel explains to Arturo that she has no interest in Luis; Arturo asks her to
return with him to Buenos Aires. She says she can't because her family and job are in Los Ángeles.
He replies that that leaves him only one choice: he will move to Los Ángeles.
Meanwhile, don Fernando calls Lupe to help him get out of bed and dressed.
Carlos speaks with Arturo about Gloria's problem. Arturo suggests professional help.
Ángela and Roberto argue again about Jorge, who called because he has found a theater he wants
to buy. They still don't resolve their differences.
In the evening as the family gathers for dinner, to everyone's surprise, don Fernando appears saying
that he still has doubts about whether Ángela and Roberto are in fact his grandchildren.

Episode 48: That's How It Happened (I)

Don Fernando has lingering doubts and wants Raquel to tell him detail by detail about the
investigation. How can he be sure that Ángela and Roberto are really his grandchildren?
Raquel begins her story with her trip to Sevilla in search of Sra. Teresa Suárez, author of the letter
to don Fernando which revealed the existence of Rosario and Ángel. She went to the address,
Calle Pureza, 21, but instead of meeting Sra. Suárez, she found her son and his family. She
explained the purpose of her trip to them.
She also explained to don Fernando why she had to go to Madrid and about the various problems
that had occurred when she arrived: the error of the TV reporter, Alfredo Sánchez, and losing her
wallet. She repeated the conversation she had had with Teresa Suárez and explained how she had
obtained Rosario's address in Argentina. She also related how in her free time she had met the
girlfriend of Sra. Suárez's son and had visited the famous Prado Museum.

Episode 49: That's How It Happened (H)

Raquel continues her story with her trip to Argentina. She went to the Estancia Santa Susana and a
gaucho, Cirilo, gave her Rosario's new address in Buenos Aires. When she found the house she
met Arturo, Rosario's son and Ángel's half brother. She discovered that Rosario was dead and that
Arturo had lost contact with Ángel several years ago.
Arturo had taken Raquel to see Rosario's grave and told her what had happened Rosario's second
husband, Martín Iglesias, had not wanted Ángel to be a painter. When Ángel abandoned his
economics studies there had been a terrible argument and, soon after, Martín died of a heart attack.
Ángel had become a sailor. Arturo blamed him for the death of his father but later forgave him.
Arturo offered to help Raquel in the search for Ángel in the La Boca section. They asked around in
all the stores but no one remembered Ángel. A sailor, José, didn't recognize the name but
suggested they ask Héctor. The latter did remember him and after a couple of days was able to find
a letter from Ángel postmarked in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The letter indicated that he planned to
stay there.

Episode 50: That's How It Happened (III)

Raquel continues with the story of the investigation. Now she tells how she went to San Juan and
discovered that Ángel had recently died. when she went to the cemetery to photograph his grave
for don Fernando to see, she met Ángel's daughter Ángela, who took her home with her and told
her all about her family. Raquel later met her aunts and uncles.
Raquel and Ángela went to San Germán to ask Ángela's grandmother's permission for her to go to
Mexico with Raquel to meet her grandfather. En route there was a delay because they had car
trouble; they had to spend the night in Ponce.
After arriving in San Germán they talked about how Ángel used to come to the farm. The women
found some of Ángel's sketches, entitled "Recuerdos. " They illustrated some important points in
Ángel's life.
Raquel and Ángela then returned to San Juan and Raquel called Arturo to inform him of Ángel's
As they were leaving for the airport to fly to Mexico and meet the Castillo family, Ángela's Uncle
Jaime told them that her brother Roberto had had an accident at an excavation site in Mexico.

Episode 51: That's How It Happened (IV)

Raquel finishes her story with the events that took place in Mexico. Raquel and Ángela had gone to
the site of the excavation and, with the help of Father Rodrigo, began the long wait for Roberto's
rescue. The other trapped people were rescued, but there was another cave-in and Roberto's
rescue was delayed. Raquel was frustrated because she couldn't make contact with Arturo or
Pedro in order to tell them what was happening.
The two women spent some time with Sister María Teresa, who provided them with a place to rest
and bathe. Ángela wanted to return immediately to the excavation site.
Finally Roberto was rescued and sent to a hospital in Mexico City. The two women then returned
to the capital by car and nearly collided with a truck. Upon arriving at the hospital they met Arturo.

Episode 52: She Always Loved You

Raquel has now finished her story and don Fernando says he will speak tomorrow with Ángela and
Roberto to find out if they are in fact his grandchildren. Pedro is surprised by how mistrustful don
Fernando is. Raquel suggests that the goblet that doña Carmen gave Ángela might be the proof he
needs; Ángela and Roberto go to get it.
The next day, everyone still wonders what will happen. The real estate agent arrives and the
Castillos meet with her. Her client has found another piece of property and she is now pressuring
them to make a decision. At that moment don Fernando arrives and says that La Gavia is not, and
will never be, for sale. Mercedes reveals her plan for an orphanage at La Gavia and says that don
Fernando had saved money to do exactly that. Mercedes and Carlos will administrate it Ramón will
continue to run the family business and Pedro will continue being their lawyer. Juan should go back
to New York where his job is.
Finally everyone meets in don Fernando's bedroom. He explains to Juan that the best thing he can
do for his father is to be happy. Raquel and Arturo say good-bye; they are returning to Mexico to
rejoin Raquel's parents. Ángela arrives with the wedding goblet. Don Fernando has one just like it
and declares that now he is sure that they are his true grandchildren.
When everyone has left the room, Raquel takes leave once more of don Fernando. He advises her
to stay with Arturo. She tells him that, according to Sra. Suárez, Rosario never stopped thinking of
him. In the patio of La Gavia there are many emotional good-byes when Arturo and Raquel leave.
Don Fernando, in his bed with the two goblets, remembers his wedding day with Rosario.