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Multiple Document Interface and Advanced Graphics

The frame is used to group logically related collections of option buttons or check boxes. In a group of option buttons, only one can be selected at a time. In contrast, more than one check box in a logically related group can be checked at one time.

You can gain access to the contents of these controls through their Value property. This property is True if the control is selected.

The Multiple Document Interface is characterized by the presence of a single parent form that becomes the container for one or more child forms. The menu bar of the child form replaces the menu bar of the parent form when the child form becomes active

An MDI parent form is created by selecting New MDI Form from the File menu. A MDI child form is created by changing the MDIChild property of a normal form to True.

You cannot place any control on a MDI form that does not have the Align property. Controls you cannot use include textboxes, labels, and command buttons. The picture box does have the Align property; therefore, you use it to contain the graphic toolbar of programs such as Visual Basic.